"I felt like I was dreaming and laughing."


"Thank you for the great and terrific and funny puppet show. It was the best puppet show in the world."


"Can I tell you what I liked?  I liked the hen that laid the egg. I liked the alligator that said I want to eat your nose."


"Thanks for bringing the puppets and my favorite puppet is the dinosaur one because it chewed my foot."


"Thank you for making the puppets do funny things."


"How do you make your fingers go so fast?"



"My favorite one is the skating one but it was freaking me out because it was so making me laugh."


"I like the monkey on the scooter because she was doing a wheelie."


"I liked the duck because yellow is my favorite color."


"I liked it a lot.  The funny little bug jumped on my little brother that sat on my lap.  Have a happy day."


"Thank you for Puppets Please.  My favorite puppet was all of them."