In-the-Round Marionette Variety Shows!

PUPPETS PLEASE In-the-Round Marionette Variety Shows!
Puppets Please Marionettes In-the-Round Marionette Shows
Photo by Laura Gonzalez

Children are seated on the floor around an arena-style performance area, where they can interact with their new string friends!

Puppets Please in the round marionette shows
Photo by Nancy Clendaniel

Have your camera ready as friendly handcrafted marionettes sing and dance, roller skate, chat with children face to face, and even hop onto children's laps in a half-hour, in-the-round show.

Puppets Please Marionettes
Puppets Please Marionettes

Day Care Centers


K - 1


Birthday Parties

Holiday Celebrations

While the show was designed with young audiences in mind,

all ages are welcome!

Puppets Please Marionettes


In-the-Round Marionette Variety Shows!


Terry McManus

P.O. Box 899

Kingston, WA  98346


Voice Mail:

(360) 297-2006


Puppets Please Marionettes