PUPPETS PLEASE  In-the-Round Marionette Variety Shows!   (360) 297-2006 



The original and professional marionettes of mother-daughter team,

Shirley and Terry McManus

Puppets Please

Have your camera ready as colorful animal characters sing and dance,

roller skate, chat face to face with children in the audience, jump onto

children's laps for bear hugs, and maybe...


...nibble on a shoe!

PUPPETS PLEASE "How about a bear hug?"

"How about a bear hug from YOU?"

PUPPETS PLEASE "Don't you like doggie breath?"

"Don't you like doggie breath?"

PUPPETS PLEASE  "What kind of hat do you like best?"

"What kind of hat do you like best?"

PUPPETS PLEASE MARIONETTES  "All those books at the library!"
photo by Nancy Clendaniel - www.NancyClendaniel.com

"All those books at the library, some for you and some for me!"


PUPPETS PLEASE   In-the-Round Marionette Variety Shows!   (360) 297-2006